May 25, 2012

  • Aksen, D., & Necati, A. (2012). A bilevel fixed charge location model for facilities under imminent attack. Computers & Operations Research. [Read]
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  • Appelbaum, J., & Kleiner, D. (2012, May 4). Resisting the surveillance state and its network effects. Talk given at re:publica 12. [Watch]
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  • Arunmozhi, S. A., & Venkataramani, Y. (2012). Black hole attack detection and performance improvement in mobile ad-hoc network. Information Security Journal, 21(3), 150-158. doi:10.1080/19393555.2011.652291 [Abstract / Request]
  • Ayuso, P. N., Gasca, R. M., & Lefevre, L. (2012). FT-FW: A cluster-based fault-tolerant architecture for stateful firewalls. Computers & Security. [Read]
  • Bennett, D. (2012). The challenges facing computer forensics investigators in obtaining information from mobile devices for use in criminal investigations. Information Security Journal, 21(3), 159-168. doi:10.1080/19393555.2011.654317 [Abstract / Request]
  • Bogus Pinterest pins lead to survey scams. (2012, May 18). Trendlabs. [Read]
  • Bowen, B. M., Stolfo, S. J., & Ramaswamy, D. (2011, November). Measuring the human factor of cyber security. Paper presented at the 2011 IEEE International Conference on Technology for Homeland Security. [Read]
  • Clayton, M. (2012, May 17). Cybersecurity: How US utilities passed up chance to protect their networks. Christian Science Monitor. [Read] [Related: 5/24/12 letter from Sen. Jay Rockefeller to the American Gas Association].
  • Cybersecurity skills shortage. (2012, Summer). ITNOW, 54(2), 32-34. doi:10.1093/itnow/bws043 [Abstract / Request]
  • Davis, A. (2012, Summer). Hacktivism.  ITNOW54(2), 30-31. doi:10.1093/itnow/bws042 [Abstract / Request]
  • DeYoung, K., & Nakashima, E. (2012, May 23). U.S. hacks Yemeni web sites to counter al-Quaeda propaganda. Washington Post. [Read]
  • Fouladi, B. (2012, May 17). A closer look into the RSA SecureID software token. sensepost. [Read]
  • Gumm, K. E. (2012). Can social network analysis be effective at improving the intelligence community while ensuring civil eights? Information Security Journal, 21(3), 115-126. doi:10.1080/19393555.2011.647251 [Abstract / Request]
  • Geuss, M. (2012, May 23). Google reaches out to owners of machines infected with DNSChanger malware. Ars Technica. [Read]
  • 15th International Conference on Practice and Theory in Public Key Cryptography (2012, May 21-23) – papers presented [Request / Abstracts]:
  • Kim, I. M. (2012, April 30). Penetration testing of a Web application using dangerous HTTP methods [SANS]. [Read]
  • Kravets, D. (2012, May 21). High court to hear warrantless eavesdropping challenge. Wired.  [Read]
  • Krebs, B. (2012, May 21). Adware stages comeback via browser extensions. Krebs on Security. [Read]
  • Landwehr, C., Boneh, D., Mitchell, J. C., Bellovin, S. M., Landau, S., & Lesk, M. E. (2012). Privacy and cybersecurity: The next 100 years. Proceedings of the IEEE. [Read]
  • McCullagh, D. (2012, May 22). FBI quietly forms secretive net-surveillance unit. CNet. [Read]
  • Montelibano, J., & Moore, A. P. (2012, April). Insider threat security reference architecture [Carnegie Melon Software Engineering Institute]. [Read]
  • Moore, A. P., Hanley, M., & Mundie, D. (2012, April). A pattern for increased monitoring for intellectual property theft by departing insiders [Carnegie Melon Software Engineering Institute][Read]
  • Nai Fovino, I., Coletta, A., Carcano, A., & Masera, M. (2012). Critical state-based filtering system for securing SCADA network protocols. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 59(10), 3943-3950. doi:10.1109/TIE.2011.2181132 [Abstract / Request]
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  • Popescu, C., & Simion, C. P. (2012). A method for defining critical infrastructures. Energy. [Read]
  • Ragan, S. (2012, May 17). America’s first cyber czar Howard Schmidt set to retire. SecurityWeek. [Read]
  • Roberts, P. (2012, May 18). Defense contractor Northrup Grumman hiring for offensive cyber-ops. threatpost. [Read]
  • Seacord, R. C., Dormann, W., McCurley, J., Miller, P., Stoddard, R. W., Svoboda, D., & Welch, J. (2012, April). Source code analysis laboratory (SCALe) [Carnegie Melon Software Engineering Institute]. [Read]
  • Soghoian, C. (2012, April 14). Why Google won’t protect you from Big Brother. Talk given at TEDx San Jose, CA. [Watch]
  • US European Command, NATO boost cyber defenses. (2012, May 18). FDCH Regulatory Intelligence Database. [Read]
  • Warfield, D. (2012). Critical infrastructures: IT security and threats from private sector ownership. Information Security Journal, 21(3), 127-136, doi:10.1080/19393555.2011.652289 [Abstract / Request]
  • Westby, J. R. (2012, May 16). Governance of enterprise security: CyLab 2012 report [Carnegie Melon University CyLab]. [Read]
  • Whittaker, Z. (2012, May 17). UK government staff caught snooping on citizen data. ZDNet. [Read]
  • Wyden, R. (2012, May 21). “Privacy should be the the default, not the exception”  [remarks on CISPA]. [Watch]
  • Yaseen, Q., & Panda, B. (2012). Insider threat mitigation: Preventing unauthorized knowledge acquisition. International Journal of Information Security [in press]. doi:10.1007/s10207-012-0165-6 [Abstract / Request]



20th Annual Network and Distributed System Security Symposium [San Diego, CA, Feb. 24-27, 2013 – submissions due Aug. 1]


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