June 1, 2012

[Next update 6/15/12]
  • Aftergood, S. (2012, May 29). Move to declassify FISA court rulings yields no results. Federation of American Scientists. [Read]
  • Altschuller, A., Magrani, B., Appelbaum, J., Remolina Angarita, N., Doneda, D., & Viola, M. (2012, June 1). Privacy and data protection online: How companies, governments, and users can promote online privacy [roundtable discussion at the Rio de Janeiro Human Rights & Technology Conference]. [Read]
  • Brook, C. (2012, May 29). Serco: ‘Sophisticated’ attack on U.S. govt. pension plan nets info on 123K. threatpost. [Read]
  • F-Secure Labs. (2012, May). Mobile threat report: Q1 2012. [Read]
  • Garfinkel, S. L. (2012, June). The cybersecurity risk. Communications of the ACM. [Read]
  • Gold, S. (2012). Wireless cracking: There’s an app for that. Network Security. [Read]
  • Goodin, D. (2012, May 31). How a trio of hackers brought Google’s reCAPTCHA to its knees. Ars Technica. [Read]
  • Hall, C. (2012, June). Security of the internet and known unknowns. Communications of the ACM. [Read]
  • Hamamreh, R. (2012). Routing path authentication in link-state routing protocols. Network Security. [Read]
  • Hill, B. (2012, May 18). Adaptive user-interface randomization as an anti click-jacking strategy. [Read / Reports on research done by PayPal]
  • Johnsen, S. O. (2012). Resilience at interfaces: Improvement of safety and security in distributed control systems by web of influence. Information Management & Computer Security. [Read]
  • Kravets, D. (2012, May 31). Congress looking happy to reauthorize broad, secret spying powers. Wired. [Read / Watch related Congressional hearing]
  • Krebs, B. (2012, May 31). House committee to probe e-banking heists. Krebs on Security. [Read]
  • Li, Y., Ren, J., & Wu, J. (2012). Quantitative measurement and design of source-location privacy schemes for wireless sensor networks. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems. [Read]. [SCADA]
  • Lin, H. (2012, June). Why computer scientists should care about cyber conflict and U.S. national security policy. Communications of the ACM. [Read]
  • MacDonald, N., & Firstbrook, P. (2012, May 30). The growing importance of cloud access security brokers [Gartner]. [Read]
  • Maltais, M. (2012, May 30). Law banning warrantless cellphone tracking clears California Senate. Los Angeles Times. [Read]
  • Mason, A. (2012). Caught in the cross-site scripting fire. Network Security. [Read]
  • Musil, S. (2012, May 29). Experts dispute threat posed by backdoor found in Chinese chip. CNet. [Read]
  • Patel, A., Qi, W., & Taghavi, M. (2012) An evaluation of a secure and trustworthy mobile agent-based e-marketplace system. Information Management & Computer Security. [Read]
  • Roberts, P. (2012, May 30). News roundup: What the experts are saying about the Flame worm. threatpost. [Read]
  • Sanger, D. E. (2012, June 1). Obama order sped up wave of cyberattacks against Iran. New York Times. [Read]
  • Sasson, B. (2012, May 30). Obama administration fights back against hackers. The Hill. [Read]
  • Sommestad, T., Holm, H., & Ekstedt, M. (2012). Estimates of success rates of remote arbitrary code execution attacks. Information Management & Computer Security. [Read]
  • United States. Congress. House. Committee on Energy and Commerce. (2012, May 31). International proposals to regulate the internet [testimony]. [Watch / Related C-SPAN coverage]
  • United States. Department of Homeland Security. Control Systems Security Program. (2012, May 25). Targeted cyber intrusion and mitigation strategies. [Read]
  • United States. Federal Communications Commission. (2012, May 25). Public notice: Comments sought on privacy and security of information stored on mobile devices. [Read]
  • Workman, M. (2012). Validation of biases model in strategic security decision making. Information Management & Computer Security. [Read]
  • Zetter, K. (2012, May 28). Meet ‘Flame”, the massive spy malware infiltrating Iranian computers. Wired. [Read]



IEEE eCrime Summit 2012 [Las Croabas, Puerto Rico, Oct. 23-34, 2012 – submissions due Aug. 3rd]

17th International Conference on Financial Cryptography and Data Security [Okinawa, Japan, April 1–5, 2013 – submission due Oct. 13]


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