June 29, 2012

  • Bager, K. (2012, June). Remote access: Don’t be a victim. Network Security. [Read]
  • Butterworth, T. (2012, June 25). Bring on the leaks! Newsweek. [Read]
  • Caldwell, T. (2012, June). Locking down the VPN. Network Security. [Read]
  • Eisen, O. (2012, June). Catching the fraudulent man-in-the-middle. Network Security. [Read]
  • Fisher, D. (2012, June 27). CarderProfit case shows maturation of FBI anti-cybercrime operations. threatpost. [Read]
  • Flame creates heated debate. (2012, June). Network Security. [Read]
  • Goodin, D. (2012, June 27). Securing supercomputer networks (without disrupting 60Gbps dataflows). Ars Technica. [Read]
  • Huber, M. (2012). Perfect secrecy systems immune to spoofing attack. International Journal of Information Security. [Abstract / Request]
  • Jones, G. (2012, June). Mobile menace: Why SDR poses such a threat. Network Security. [Read]
  • Kenyon, P. (2012, June). What Australia can teach the world about least privilege. Network Security. [Read]
  • Nabeel, M.. Zage, J., Kerr, S., Bertino, E., Kulatunga, N. A., Navaratne, U. S., & Duren, M. (2012, June). Cryptographic management for smart power grids: Approaches and issues [preprint]. [Read]
  • Prezelj, I., Kopač, E., Svete, U., & Iberna, A. (2012). Cross-sectoral scanning of critical infrastructures: From functional differences to policy-relevant similarities. Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. [Read]
  • Quin, B., & Liu, S. (2012). Efficient chosen ciphertext secure public-key encryption under factoring assumption. Security and Communication Networks. [Abstract / Request]
  • Smith, J. (2012, June 25). Lawyers get vigilant on cybersecurity. Wall Street Journal. [Read]
  • United States. Government Accountability Office. (2012, June 28). Cyber threats facilitate ability to commit economic espionage. [Read]
  • WhiteHat Security. (2012, June). 12th website security statistics report. [Read]

Calls for papers


  • SPACE 2012 International Conference on Security, Privacy and Applied Cryptography Engineering, Chennai, India, November 2-3, 2012. (Submissions due 3 July 2012).
  • WPES 2012 Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society, Held in conjunction with ACM CCS 2012, Sheraton Raleigh Hotel, Raleigh, NC, USA, October 15, 2012. (Submissions due 12 July 2012).
  • SPSM 2012 Workshop on Security and Privacy in Smartphones and Mobile Devices, Held in conjunction with ACM CCS 2012, Sheraton Raleigh Hotel, Raleigh, NC, USA, October 19, 2012. (Submissions due 13 July 2012).
  • CSS 2012 4th International Symposium on Cyberspace Safety and Security, Melbourne, Australia, December 12-13, 2012. (Submissions due 15 July 2012).

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