July 6, 2012

  • Allure Security Technology. (2011, November 9). Final report: Anomaly detection at multiple scales (ADAMS) [DARPA-sponsored research on seeding disinformation in military networks to detect insider threats]. [Read / Analysis]
  • Android Malware Genome Project. (2012, July 2). Clickjacking rootkits for Android. [Watch].
  • Baggett, M. (2012, May). IP fragment reassembly with scapy [SANS]. [Read]
  • Belz, A. (2012, July 3). Insulin pump hacker, medical device maker come to the table. Bloomberg News. [Read]
  • DeMarco, D. (2012, May). Exploiting Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol? [SANS]. [Read]
  • 11th Annual Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (2012, June 25-26) [Full text of selected papers]:
    • Empirical Analysis of Data Breach Litigation. [Read]
    • Is Patient Data Better Protected in Competitive Healthcare Markets? [Read]
    • The Privacy Economics of Voluntary Over-disclosure in Web Forms. [Read]
    • Security Resources, Capabilities and Cultural Values: Links to Security Performance and Compliance. [Read]
    • Software Security Economics: Theory, in Practice. [Read]
    • Sectoral and Regional Interdependency of Japanese Firms under the Influence of Information Security Risks. [Read]
    • Why do Nigerian Scammers Say They are From Nigeria? [Read]
    • Analysis of eCrime in Crowd-sourced Labor Markets: Mechanical Turk vs. Freelancer.[Read]
    • Can We Afford Integrity by Proof-of-Work? Scenarios Inspired by the Bitcoin Currency. [Paper]
    • Measuring the Cost of Cybercrime. [Read]
    • A Closer Look at Information Security Costs. [Read]
    • IT Security Investment and Gordon-Loeb’s 1/e Rule. [Read]
    • Who Sometimes Violates the Rule of the Organizations? An Empirical Study on Information Security Behaviors and Awareness. [Read]
    • To Invest or Not to Invest? Assessing the Economic Viability of a Policy and Security Configuration Management Tool. [Read]
    • Online Promiscuity: Prophylactic Patching and the Spread of Computer Transmitted Infections. [Read]
    • Contagion in Cybersecurity Attacks. [Read]
    • The Effect of Fraud Investigation Cost on Pay-Per-Click Advertising. [Read]
    • Ad-blocking Games: Monetizing Online Content Under the Threat of Ad Avoidance. [Read]
    • Choice Architecture and Smartphone Privacy: There’s a Price for That. [Read]
    • Would You Sell Your Mother’s Data? Personal Data Disclosure in a Simulated Credit Card Application. [Read]
  • European Network and Information Security Agency. (2012, June 28). Incentives and barriers of the cyber insurance market in Europe. [Read]
  • 5th International Congress on Cryptology in Africa (2012, July 10-12) – papers presented [Request / Abstracts]:
  • Fischer, E. A. (2012, July 29). Federal laws relating to cybersecurity: Discussion of proposed revisions [Congressional Research Service]. [Read]
  • Fisher, D. (2012, July 3). Twitter transparency report shows huge interest from U.S. law enforcement. threatpost. [Read / Twitter Transparency Report]
  • Golić, J. D. (2012). A new authentication model for ad hoc networks [preprint]. International Journal of Information Security. [Abstract / Request]
  • Grobler, M., & van Vuuren, J. J. (2012). Collaboration as proactive measure against cyber warfare in South Africa. African Security Review. [Read]
  • Kaspersky Labs. (2012, July 5). Find and Call: Leak and spam [iOS malware distributed by Apple App Store]. [Read]
  • Kondacki, S. (2012). Intelligent network security assessment with modeling and analysis of attack patterns. Security and Communication Networks [preprint]. [Abstract / Request]
  • Kumar, C. A. (2012). Designing role-based access control using formal concept analysis. Security and Communication Networks [preprint]. [Abstract / Request]
  • Malek, B., & Ali, M. (2012). Chaotic masking for securing RFID systems against relay attacks. Security and Communication Networks [preprint]. [Abstract / Request]
  • Norton, Q. (2012, July 3). How Anonymous picks targets, launches attacks, and takes powerful organizations down. Wired. [Read]
  • Phan, R. C-W. (2012). Authenticated modbus protocol for critical infrastructure protection. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery. [Abstract / Request]
  • Pubby, M. (2012, July 1). China hackers enter Navy computers, plant bug to extract sensitive data. Indian Express. [Read]
  • 6th Trustworthy Global Computing International Symposium (2012, June 9-10) – papers presented [Request / Abstracts]:
  • Ryu, E., & Yoo, K. (2012). Certificateless broadcast authentication for vehicular ad hoc networks. Security and Communication Networks [preprint]. [Abstract / Request]
  • Schneier, B. (2012, July 2). How to break into security, Schneier edition. [Advice from Bruce Schneier on how to become a computer security professional]. Krebs on Security. [Read]
  • Sqalli, M. H., Firdous, S. N., Salah, K., & Abu-Amara, M. (2012). Classifying malicious activity in Honeynets using entropy and volume-based thresholds. Security and Communication Networks [preprint]. [Abstract / Request]
  • United States. Government Accountability Office. (2012, June 29). Critical infrastructure protection: DHS could better manage security surveys and vulnerability assessments. [Read]
  • Wang, X., Zhang, L., Deokar, A., & Liang, Q. (2012). Enhanced security and reliability with MIMO communications for smart grid.  Security and Communication Networks [preprint]. [Abstract / Request]
  • Zetter, K. (2012, July 5). DNSChanger malware could strand thousands when domains go dark on Monday. Wired. [Read]

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