July 13, 2012

  • Aldwairi, M., Khamayseh, Y., & Al-Masri, M. (2012). Application of artificial bee colony for intrusion detection systems [preprint]. Security and Communication Networks. [Abstract Request]
  • Bertoncini. C., Rudd, K., Nousain, B., & Hinders, M. (2012). Wavelet-fingerprinting of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics. [Abstract / Request]
  • Choudary, O., Grobert, F., & Metz, J. (2012). Infiltrate the vault: Security analysis and decryption of Lion full disk encryption. [Read]
  • Choy, J., Yap, H., Khoo, K., Guao, J., Peyrin, T., Poschmann, A., & Tan, C. H. (2012). SPN-Hash: Improving the provable resistance against differential collision attacks. [Read]
  • Clayton, M. (2012, July 9). DNSChanger cutoff more whimper than bang. Christian Science Monitor. [Read]
  • Franceschi-Bicchierai, L. (2012, July 6). Drone hijacking? That’s just the start of GPS troubles. Wired. [Read]
  • Gupta, M., & Sharman, R. (2012). Determinants of data breaches: A categorization-based empirical approach. Journal of Applied Security Research. [Abstract / Request]
  • Huang, Y., Lin., W., & Li, H. (2012). Efficient implementation of RFID mutual authentication protocol. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics. [Abstract / Request]
  • Khalid, O., Khan, S. U., Madani, K. H., Khan, M. I., Nasro, M., Kolodziej, J. . . . Chen, D. (2012). Comparative study of trust and reputation systems for wireless sensor networks [preprint]. Security and Communication Networks. [Abstract / Request]
  • Khan, M. K., & He, D. (2012). A new dynamic identity-based authentication protocol for multi-server environment using elliptic curve cryptography. [preprint]. Security and Communication Networks. [Abstract Request]
  • Li, X., He, K., Feng, Z., & Xu, G. (2012). Unified threat model for analyzing and evaluating software threats [preprint]. Security and Communication Networks. [Abstract Request]
  • Li, X., Zhang, Y., & Zhang, G. (2012). A new certificateless authenticated key agreement protocol for SIP with different KGCs. [preprint]. Security and Communication Networks. [Abstract / Request]
  • Lichtblau, E. (2012, July 9). More demands on cell carriers in surveillance. New York Times. [Read]
  • Passki, J., & Ritter, T. (2012). An adaptive-ciphertext attack against “I ⊕ C” block cipher modes with an oracle. [Read]
  • Pearson, S. (2012, June 28). Privacy, security, and trust in cloud computing [Hewlett Packard Labs]. [Read]
  • Samara, G. (2012). A new security mechanism for vehicular communication networks. Paper presented at the 2012 International Conference on Cyber Security, CyberWarfare and Digital Forensic [sic]. [Read]
  • Schneier, B. (2012). Liars and outliers: Enabling the trust that society needs to thrive. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons. [Full text now available in Safari Books Online database].
  • Shi, W., Yao, M., & Corriveau, J. (2012). Resilient secure localization and detection of colluding attackers in WSNs. Paper presented at the 11th International Ad-hoc, Mobile, and Wireless Networks Conference. [Abstract / Request]
  • 17th Australasian Information Security and Privacy Conference (2012, July 9-11) – papers presented [Request / Abstracts]:
  • Vinayakray-Jani, P., & Sanyal, S. (2012). Security architecture for cluster based ad hoc networks. [Read]
  • Wang, D., Ma, C., & Wu, P. (2012). Secure password-based remote user authentication scheme with non-tamper resistent smart cards. [Read]
  • Yonts, J, (2012, June 30). Attributes of malicious files [SANS]. [Read]
  • Zarai, F., Daly, I., Obidat, M. S., & Kamoun, L. (2012). Secured and fast handoff in wireless mesh networks [preprint]. Security and Communication Networks. [Abstract / Request]

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