August 31, 2012

  • Doyle, C. (2012, August 28). Stealing trade secrets and economic espionage: An overview of 18 U.S.C. 1831 and 1832 [Congressional Research Service]. [Read]
  • Fineran, D., & Bakr, A. (2012, August 26). Saudi Aramco says most damage from computer attack fixed. Reuters. [Read]
  • Gilad, Y., & Herzberg, A. (2012, August). Off-path attacking the web. Paper presented at the 6th USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies. [Read]
  • Heninger, N., Durumeric, Z., Wustrow, E., & Halderman, J. A. (2012, August). Mining your Ps and Qs: Detection of widespread weak keys in network devices.  Paper presented at the 21st USENIX Security Forum. [Read]
  • Mills, E. (2012, August 31). A who’s who of Mideast targeted malware. CNet. [Read]
  • Mulliner, C., &  Michéle, B. (2012, August). Read it twice! A mass-storage based TOCTTOU attack. Paper presented at the 6th USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies. [Read]
  • Perlroth, N. (2012, August 31). Software meant to fight crime is used to spy on dissidents. New York Times. [Read]
  • Pérez-Méndez, A., Pereñíguez-García, F., Marín-López, R., & and López-Millán, G. (2012). A cross-layer SSO solution for federating access to kerberized services in the eduroam/DAMe network. International Journal of Information Security. [Abstract / Request]
  • Ragan, S. (2012, August 30). Toyota says fired contractor sabotaged supplier network and stole sensitive data. SecurityWeek . [Read]
  • Schneier, B. (2012, August 28). The importance of security engineering. Schneier on Security. [Read]
  • 2nd International Conference on Cryptology and Information Security in Latin America. (2012, October 7-10) – papers to be presented [Abstracts / Request]:
  • 6th International Conference on Provable Security. (2012, September 26-28) – papers to be presented [Abstracts / Request]:
  • Symantec. (2012, August 30). Java zero-day used in targeted attack campaign. [Read]
  • Tuttle, R. (2012, August 30). Virus shuts RasGas office computers, LNG output unaffected. Bloomberg News. [Read]
  • United States. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. (2012, August 31). Order requiring reporting on North American Energy Standards Board public key infrastructure standards. [Read / Analysis]
  • United States. Information Sharing Environment. (2012, August 30). Annual report to the Congress. [Read]
  • Warren, P. (2012, August 30). State-sponsored cyber espionage projects now prevalent, say experts. Guardian. [Read]
  • Weinmann, R. (2012, August). Baseband attacks: Remote exploitation of memory corruptions in cellular protocol stacks. Paper presented at the 6th USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies. [Read]
  • Whisnant. A., & Faber, S. (2012, August). Network profile using flow [Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute]. [Read]
  • Zetter, K. (2012, August 29). Wiper malware that hit Iran left possible clues of its origins. Wired. [Read]

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