September 7, 2012

  • Amerding, T. (2012, September 7). Vendor cybercrime report in the hotseat again. CSO. [Read]
  • Britain sets US extradition date for ‘UFO hacker’ McKinnon. (2012, September 6). Infosecurity. [Read]
  • Coldewey, D. (2012, September 2). Apple patent would disable phone based on location. MSN. [Read]
  • 8th International Conference on Security and Cryptography for Networks. (2012, September 5-7) – papers presented [Abstracts / Request]:
  • Finkle, J. (2012, September 7). Insiders suspected in Saudi cyber attack. Reuters. [Read]
  • Fisher, D., & Huger, A. (2012, September 7). [Interview with Sourcefire’s Al Huger on the challenges and importance of malware attribution]. threatpost. [Listen]
  • Han, J., Susilo, Mu, Y., & Yan, J. (2012). New constructions of OSBE schemes and their applications in oblivious access control. International Journal of Information Security. [Abstract / Request]
  • Householder, A. D., & Foote, J. M. (2012, August). Probability-based parameter selection for black-box fuzz testing [Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute]. [Read]
  • Kerr, D. (2012, September 6). Hacker who infected 72,000 computers gets prison sentence. CNet. [Read]
  • Kravets, D. (2012, September 5). Feds say mobile-phone location data not constitutionally protected. Wired. [Read]
  • Marks, P. (2012, September 4). Honeypot reveals mass monitoring of downloaders. New Scientist. [Read]
  • Saita, A. (2012, September 5). BitFloor suspends service after virtual currency heist. threatpost. [Read]
  • Security and Communication Networks– new articles [Abstracts / Request]:
  • Zetter, K. (2012, September 7). Sleuths trace new zero-day attacks to hackers who hit Google. Wired. [Read]

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