October 26, 2012

  • arXiv [preprints – selected new articles]:
  • Ball, J. (2012, Oct. 23). Experts warn about security flaws in airline boarding passes. Washington Post. [Read]
  • Beckett, L. (2012, Oct. 22). How companies have assembled political profiles for millions of internet users [Pro Publica]. [Read]
  • Binney, W., & Wiebe, J. K. (2012, Oct. 23). SCOTUS must be last bulwark against NSA snooping. Politico. [Read]
  • Brecher, A., (2012, Oct. 22). Cyberattacks and the covert action statute: Toward a domestic legal framework for offensive cyber operations [Michigan Law Review preprint]. [Read]
  • Chesney, R. (2012). Computer network operations and U.S. domestic law: An overview [International Law Studies preprint]. [Read]
  • Cyber snooping – in whose hands should internet governance be entrusted? [Frontline Club]. (2012, Oct. 23).  [Watch / Panel discussion with Kirsty Hughes, Birgitta Jónsdóttir, Jacob Appelbaum, Karl Kathuria & Ian Brown]
  • Enderle, R. (2012, Oct. 19). Why the government’s cybersecurity plan will end in catastrophe. CIO. [Read]
  • Fahl, S., Harbach, M., Muders, T., & Smith, M. (2012, Oct.). Why Eve and Mallory love Android: An analysis of Android SSL (insecurity). Paper presented at the 19th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security. [Read]
  • Gallagher, R. (2012, Oct. 19). FBI accused of dragging feet on release of info about ‘Stingray’ surveillance technology. Slate. [Read]
  • Greenberg, A. (2012, Oct. 24). Bulgarian banks threaten to crush Wikileaks’ most successful copycat site. Forbes. [Read]
  • Hope, C., & Coughlin, C. (2012, Oct. 19). Gary McKinnon: Eric Holder formally complains to UK and refuses to take Theresa May’s calls. Telegraph. [Read]
  • Krebs, B. (2012, Oct. 22). Service sells access to Fortune 500 firms. Krebs on Security. [Read / Typical Cisco server username / pwd: “Cisco” / “Cisco”]
  • Oxford Intelligence Group. (2012, June 18 – newly available). Cyber security and social science [symposium]. [Download transcripts / “Issues of trust on the internet, analysis of social media, and ‘Advanced Persistent Threats’ were discussed by experts in computer science, behavioral psychology, sociology, policy and other interdisciplinary fields”.]
  • Pescatore, J. (2012, Oct. 19). Dealing with federal continuous monitoring security requirements [Gartner]. [Gartner – search for title in box at upper right].
  • Peterson, D. (2012, Oct. 25). New Project Basecamp tools for CoDeSys, 200+ vendors effected [digital bond]. [Read]
  • Tapadinhas, J. (2012, Oct. 19). How to meet the security challenges of mobile BI [Gartner]. [Gartner – search for title in box at upper right].
  • United States. Federal Trade Commission. (2012, ). Facing facts: Best practices for common uses of facial recognition technologies. [Read / Summary]
  • Valentino-DeVries, J. (2012, Oct. 22). Judge questions tools that grab cellphone data on innocent people. Wall Street Journal. [Read]
  • Verizon. (2012, Oct.). 2012 data breach investigations report. [Read]
  • Verton, D. (2012, Oct. 19). I’m betting on Kaspersky. [RE: secure SCADA OS]. Homeland Security Today. [Read]
  • Walker, D. (2012, Oct. 24). Thousands scammed by .gov open redirect flaw. SC Magazine. [Read]
  • WikiLeaks. (2012, Oct. 25). Detainee policies [“WikiLeaks has begun releasing the ‘Detainee Policies’: more than 100 classified or otherwise restricted files from the United States Department of Defense covering the rules and procedures for detainees in U.S. military custody.”] [Press release]
  • Wired for change: The power and pitfalls of big data [Ford Foundation conference]. (2012, Oct. 23). [Watch / “. . .  provocative conversations about the challenges and opportunities big data presents for social change makers. How can we ensure that vast data sets are tapped for the common good? How do we protect the right to privacy? And how do we build a transparent framework for data collection and analysis that allows us to create a better and more equitable future for all?”]


  • 2012 ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (2012, Oct. 16-18) – papers presented [full text]:
  • 2nd International Conference on Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptography Engineering. (2012, Nov. 3-4) – papers presented [abstracts / request]:

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