November 9, 2012

  • Agence France-Presse. (2012, Nov. 8). Assange: Obama a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’. [Read]
  • arXiv [preprints]:
  • Communications of the ACM – new issue [selected, full text]:
  • Cook, R. (2012, Nov. 8). Cleaning out the turkey coop: What to do after you get rid of an incompetent employee [HP]. [Read]
  • Delibasis, D. (2012). The cyber-battlefields of the 21st century and the need for a ‘new paradigm’ [preprint]. [Read]
  • Fisher, D., & Soghoian, C. (2012, Nov. 8). Chris Soghoian on exploit sales. threatpost. [Listen]
  • Goodin, D. (2012, Nov. 8). Mushrooming ransonware now extorts $5 million a year. Ars Technica. [Read]
  • Greenberg, A. (2012, Nov. 6). Despite security fixes, new cracks appear in New Jersey’s last minute email voting scheme. Forbes. [Read]
  • Grossman, J. (2012, Nov. 6). The web won’t be safe or secure until we break it. ACM Queue. [Read]
  • [LARGO AREA EVENT] Activism and hacker culture (roundtable with Hans Bernhard, Steven Kurtz, Frank Rieger, & Mark Tribe). (2012, Nov. 14, 12-2 pm). Goethe-Institut, 812 7th St., NW, DC. [More]
  • King, R. (2012, Nov. 8). Stuxnet infected Chevron’s IT network. Wall Street Journal. [Read]
  • Krebs, B. (2012, Nov. 7). Experts warn of zero-day exploit for Adobe Reader. Krebs on Security. [Read]
  • Ormandy, T. (2012, Nov.). Sophail: Applied attacks against Sophos Antivirus [Research at Google]. [Read]
  • Reporters Without Borders. (2012, Nov. 6). Position paper on the export of European surveillance technology. [Read]
  • Rouf, I., Mustafa, H., Xu, M., Xu, W., Miller, R., & Gruteser, M. (2012, Oct. – now freely available). Neighborhood watch: Security and privacy analysis of automatic meter reading systems. Paper presented at the 19th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security. [Read]
  • Trautman, L. J. (2012). Threats escalate: Corporate information technology governance under fire [preprint]. [Read]
  • UMUC. (2012, Nov. 2). UMUC cyber team earns silver in global competition. [Read]
  • Westervelt, R. (2012, Nov. 8). Huawei security chief says vendor supports U.S. cyberespionage defense. SearchSecurity. [Read / Also: Windows 8 patch coming soon]
  • Winterford, B. (2012, Nov. 9). [Australian] telcos declare SMS ‘unsafe’ for bank transactions. itnews. [Read]
  • Yang, H., Zhang, Y., Hu, Y., & Liu, Q. (2012). IKE vulnerability discovery based on fuzzing. Security & Communication Networks [preprint]. [Abstract / Request]
  • Zhang, Y.,  Reiter, M., Juels, A., & Ristenpart, T. (2012, Oct. – now freely available). Cross-VM side channels and their use to extract private keys. Paper presented at the 19th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security. [Read]

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