November 16, 2012

  • arXiv [preprints]:
  • Boneh, D. (2012, Nov.). Cryptography I [Stanford University online course, free via Coursera]. [More]
  • Cheng, J., & Man, J. (2012, Nov. 9). HKEx hacker jailed for nine months. South China Morning Post. [Read]
  • European Network and Information Security Agency. (2012, Nov. 15). Supply chain integrity – An overview of the ICT supply chain risks and challenges, and vision for the way forward. [Read / Also: Privacy implications of behavioural tracking]
  • Fagerland, S. (2012, Nov.). Systematic cyber attacks against Israel, Palestine going on for a year [Norman AS]. [Download / Summary]
  • Greenwald, G. (2012, Nov. 13). FBI’s abuse of the surveillance state is the real scandal needing investigation. Guardian. [Read]
  • Hulme, G. V. (2012, Nov. 14). Enterprises can obtain value from red teaming exercises, expert says. SearchSecurity. [Read]
  • Keefe, P. R. (2012, Nov. 13). The surveillance state takes friendly fire. New Yorker. [Read]
  • Koppell, R. (2012, Oct.). Human creativity: Workarounds as enablers and inhibitors of security. Presentation at 2012 ISSA International Conference. [Watch]
  • Kravets, D. (2012, Nov. 13). Post-Petraeus scandal Google releases stats showing uptick in gov requests for data. Wired. [Read]
  • National Research Council. (2012, Nov. 14). Terrorism and the electrical power delivery system. [Read / Summary]
  • Quinn, M., & Byers, A. (2012, Nov. 14). 5 Gmail lessons from the Petraeus affair. Politic0. [Read]
  • Rashid, F. Y. (2012, Nov. 13). UAE toughens penalties for cyber crimes. Securityweek. [Read]
  • Schulz, M. (2012, Nov. 13). Michigan’s [Mike] Rogers emerges as potential new CIA leader. Detroit News. [Read / CISPA co-author]
  • Soghoian, C. (2012, Nov. 15). The growing trade in software security exploits [talk at Princeton Center for Information Technology Policy]. [Watch]
  • Staff of European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda hacked. (2012, Nov. 14). Infosecurity. [Read]
  • Storm, D. (2012, Nov. 13). FBI facial recognition? There’s an app for that. Computerworld. [Read]
  • U.S.-China Economic Security and Review Commission. (2012, Nov.). 2012 report to Congress. [Read]
  • Weinstein, A., & Follman, M. (2012, Nov. 12). The David Petraeus scandal explained. Mother Jones. [Read / detailed summary w/many links + ongoing updates]
  • Zumerle, D. (2012, Nov. 14). Three crucial security hurdles to overcome when shifting from enterprise-owned devices to BYOD.  [Gartner]. [Gartner – full text / search for title in box at upper right].

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