November 21, 2012

[next update 11/30/12]

  • Abeyratne, R. (2012). The ePassport — new technology to counter security threats. Journal of Transportation Security. [abstract / request]
  • Computer Fraud & Security – new issue [full text]:
  • Constantin, L. (2012, Nov. 18). Security team finds malware that hijacks USB smart cards. PCWorld. [Read]
  • Damopoulos, D., Kambourakis, G., & Gritzalis, S. (2012). From keyloggers to touchloggers: Taking the rough with the smooth. Computers & Security. [Read]
  • European Network and Information Security Agency. (2012, Nov. 20). The right to be forgotten – between expectations and practice. [Read]
  • IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics & Security – new issue [abstracts / request]:
  • Lin, J., Liu, P., Jing, J., Wang, Q. (2012). Impossibility of finding any third family of server protocols integrating Byzantine quorum systems with threshold signature schemes. Security and Communication Networks. [abstract /request]
  • McCullagh, D. (2012, Nov. 20). Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your email without warrants. CNet. [Read]
  • McGuire, P. (2012, Nov. 19). The Gaza Strip cyberwar. Vice. [Read]
  • Merlo, A. (2012). Secure cooperative access control on grid [Future Generation Computer Systems preprint]. [Read]
  • Miller, G., & Nakashima, E. (2012, Nov. 17). FBI investigation of Broadwell reveals bureau’s comprehensive access to electronic communications. Washington Post. [Read]
  • Simonite, T. (2012, Nov. 19). Jail looms for man who revealed AT&T leaked iPad user emails. MIT Technology Review. [Read]
  • Syed, R. H., Syrame, M., & Bourgeois, J. (2012). Protecting grids from cross-domain attacks using security alert sharing mechanisms  [Future Generation Computer Systems preprint]. [Read]
  • United Kingdom. Information Commissioner’s Office. Anonymisation: Managing data protection risk code of practice. [Read / Summary]
  • Zhang, M., Yang, B., Chen, Z., & Takagi, T. (2012). Efficient and adaptively secure broadcast encryption systems. Security and Communication Networks. [abstract / request]


  • 7th International Conference on Legal, Security and Privacy Issues in IT Law (2012, Oct. 2-4) – papers presented [full text]:
  • 13th International Workshop on Information Security Applications. (2012, Aug. 16-18) – papers presented [abstracts / request]:

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