November 30, 2012

  • arXiv [preprints – full text]:
  • Bately, A. (2012, Nov. 27). The Spies Behind Your Screen: Hacking Team, International Law and the New Cyber Arms Race. Telegraph. [Read]
  • Gallagher, S. (2012, Nov. 28). Pro-Iranian Hackers Stole Data from UN Atomic Energy Agency’s Server. Ars Technica. [Read]
  • IEEE Security & Privacy – preprints [full text]:
  • Information Management & Computer Security – new issue [full text]:
  • International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection – new issue [full text]:
  • Journal of Computer Security – new issue [abstracts / request]:
  • Julian Assange on WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning, Cypherpunks, Surveillance State. Democracy Now. [Watch]
  • Krebs, B. (2012, Nov. 27th). Java Zero-Day Exploit on Sale for ‘Five Digits’. Krebs on Security. [Read]
  • Lim, D. (2012, Nov. 28). Pentagon Exempts Cyber Weapons from Collateral Damage Directive. Nextgov. [Read]
  • Nakashima, E. (2012, Nov. 22). As Cyberwarfare Heats Up, Allies Turn to U.S. Companies for Expertise. Washington Post. [Read / Also: Do Not Track Losing Momentum]
  • National Research Council. (2012, Nov. 28). Monitoring Progress Toward Successful K-12 STEM Education: A Nation Advancing? [Read]
  • Schneier, B. (2012, Nov. 26). When It Comes to Security, We’re Back to Feudalism. Wired. [Read]
  • United States. Executive Office of the President. (2012, Nov. 21). Presidential Memorandum — National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs. [Read]
  • Van Hoboken, J., Arnbak, A., & Van Eijk, N. (2012, Nov. 27). Cloud Computing in Higher Education and Research Institutions and the USA Patriot Act [preprint]. [Read]
  • Zu, Z., & Cao, G. (2012). Toward Privacy Preserving and Collusion Resistance in a Location Proof  Updating System. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing. [Read]


  • 6th International Conference on Network and System Security (2012, Nov. 21-23)  – papers presented [abstracts / request]:
  • 31st Annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques (2012, April 15-19) – papers presented [abstracts / request]:

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