December 21, 2012

[next update 1/4/13]

  • Arthur, C. (2012, Dec. 14). China Tightens ‘Great Firewall’ Internet Control With New Technology. Guardian. [Read]
  • arXiv [preprints – full text]:
  • Caruson, K., MacManus, S. A., & McPhee, B. D. (2012). Cybersecurity Policy-Making at the Local Government Level: An Analysis of Threats, Preparedness, and Bureaucratic Roadblocks to Success. Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. [Read]
  • Computer Fraud & Security – new issue [full text]:
  • Computers & Security – preprints [full text]:
  • European Network and Information Security Agency. (2012, Dec. 19). Appropriate Security Measures for Smart Grids. [Read]
  • Feng, J., & Chen, Y. (2012). A Fair Non-repudiation Framework for Data Integrity in Cloud Storage Services. International Journal of Cloud Computing. [Abstract / Request]
  • Fowler, G. A. (2012, Dec. 17). Tor: An Anonymous, And Controversial, Way to Web-Surf. Wall Street Journal. [Read]
  • Gilbert, K. (2012, Dec. 14). Dexter: More of the Same or Hidden Links? [Verizon Business]. [Read]
  • IEEE Transactions on Dependable & Secure Computing – preprints [full text]:
  • Information Security Journal – new articles [Abstracts / Request]:
  • Journal of Computer Security – new issue [abstracts / request]:
  • Levinson-Waldman, R. (2012, Dec. 18). Americans’ Privacy Under Debate in FISA Reauthorization [NYU Brennan Center for Justice]. [Read]
  • Mann, C. (2012, Dec. 19). Look Out – He’s Got a Phone! [RE: attacks on medical devices]. Vanity Fair. [Read]
  • Roston, A. (2012, Dec. 18). DOJ Plans To Indict State-Sponsored Cyber Attackers. DefenseNews. [Read]
  • Shachtman, N. (2012, Dec. 17). How Joe Biden Accidentally Helped Us All E-Mail in Private [Brookings]. [Read]
  • Schwartz, M.J. (2012, Dec. 14). S.C. Security Blunders Show Why States Get Hacked. InformationWeek. [Read]
  • Security & Communication Networks – preprints [abstracts / request]:
  • United States. Executive Office of the President. (2012, Dec.). National Strategy for Information Sharing and Safeguarding. [Read]

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