January 4, 2013

  • Aftergood, S. (2013, Jan. 2). Intelligence Oversight Steps Back From Public Accountability [Federation of American Scientists]. [Read]
  • arXiv [preprints – full text]:
  • Bowes, R. (2013, Jan. 3). Padding Oracle Attacks: In Depth. SkullSecurity. [Read]
  • Burts, B. (2012, Jan. 4). How a Regular IT Guy Helped Catch a Botnet Cybercriminal. Naked Security. [Read]
  • Clayton, M. (2013, Jan. 3). Secret US Cybersecurity Program to Protect Power Grid Confirmed. Christian Science Monitor. [Read]
  • Gallagher, S. (2013, Jan. 4). Security Pros Predict “Major” Cyber Terror Attack This Year. Ars Technica. [Read]
  • Gjelten, T. (2013, Jan. / Feb.). First Strike: US Cyber Warriors Seize the Offensive. World Affairs. [Read]
  • IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics & Security – new issue [Abstracts / Request]:
  • IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing – selected new articles [full text]:
  • [India’s] Army Chief Issues Orders for Checking Cyber Invasion. (2012, Dec. 31). Business Standard. [Read]
  • Krebs, B. (2013, Jan. 13). Turkish Registrar Enabled Phishers to Spoof Google. Krebs on Security. [Read]
  • Litian, A., Nicolett, M., & Schulte, W. R. (2012, Dec. 28).  Innovation Insight: Innovation Drives Seven Dimensions of Context-Aware Enterprise Security Systems [Gartner]. [Gartner – full text / search for title in box at upper right]
  • Nakashima, E. (2013, Jan. 2). To Thwart Hackers, Firms Salting Their Servers With Fake Data. Washington Post. [Read]
  • Perlroth, N. (2012, Dec. 31). Outmaneuvered at Their Own Game, Antivirus Makers Struggle to Adapt. New York Times. [Read]
  • Roberts, P. F. (2012, Dec. 27). Mr. Mitnick, I Presume? Africa’s Coming Cyber Crime Epidemic. IT World. [Read]
  • Rottman, G. (2012, Dec. 21). Open Source Intelligence and Crime Prevention [ACLU]. [Read]
  • Sternstein, A. (2013, Jan. 3). DHS to Pick Up $6 billion Tab for Cyber Surveillance Systems at Every Department.  Nextgov. [Read]
  • Verma, P. (2012). The Role of the Network in Implementing Security and Privacy. International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection. [Read]
  • Walls, A. (2012, Dec. 28). Short, Focused and Just-in-Time Approaches to Security Awareness. [Gartner]. [Gartner – full text / search for title in box at upper right].

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