January 11, 2013

    • arXiv [preprints – full text]:
    • Bailey, B. (2013, Jan. 10). California AG has Privacy Recommendations for Mobile Industry. San Jose Mercury News. [Read / California AG report]
    • European Network and Information Security Agency. (2012, Jan. 8). ENISA Threat Landscape. [Read  / “An overview of threats, together with current and emerging trends.”]
    • Brewster, T. (2013, Jan. 10). Nokia Admits Decrypting User Data But Denies Man-in-the-Middle Attacks.  TechWeek Europe. [Read]
    • Guitton, C. (2013). Cyber Insecurity as a National Threat: Overreaction from Germany, France and the UK? European Security. [Abstract / Request]
    • Lights Out For Java: Experts Say Turn It Off – And Leave It Off. Security Ledger. [Read]
    • Martinez, J. (2013, Jan. 9). Business Leaders Press for Better Information-sharing About Cyber Threats.  The Hill. [Read]
    • O’Brien, D. (2013, Jan. 9). Yahoo HTTPS Mail Not a Moment Too Soon, Nor Too Late [Committee to Protect Journalists]. [Read]
    • Park, S., Aslam, B., Turgut, D., & Zou, A. (2013). Defense Against Sybil Attack in the Initial Deployment Stage of Vehicular Ad Hoc Network Based on Roadside Unit Support. Security & Communication Networks [preprint]. [Abstract / Request]
    • Pauli, D. (2013, Jan. 9). Linguistics Identifies Anonymous Users. SC Magazine. [Read]
    • Perlroth, N., & Hardy, Q. (2013, Jan. 8). Bank Hacks Were Work of Iranians, Officials Say. New York Times. [Read]
    • Power, R. (2013, Jan. 10). While the Cyber War Tail Wags the National Security Dog, Software Security Offers a Different Path to Cyber Peace. Computerworld. [Read]
    • Soghoian, C. (2012, Jan. 8). US Surveillance Law May Poorly Protect New Text Message Services [ACLU]. [Read]
    • United Kingdom. Parliament.  Defence Committee. (2012, Dec.) Defence and Cyber-Security. [Read]
    • United States. Department of Homeland Security. Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team. (2012, Oct.-Dec.). ICS-CERT Monthly Monitor. [Read – Malware, many vulnerable systems easily identified with Shodan search engine]
    • Yue, C. (2012, Dec.) Preventing the Revealing of Online Passwords to Inappropriate Websites with LoginInspector. Paper presented at the 26th Large Installation System Administration Conference. [Read]
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