January 18, 2013

    • arXiv [preprints – full text]:
    • Blaze, M., & Landau, S. (2013, Jan. 14). The FBI Needs Hackers, Not Backdoors. Wired. [Read]
    • Christin, D., López, P., Reinhardt, A., Hollic, M., & Kauer, M. (2013). Share with Strangers: Privacy Bubbles as User-centered Privacy Control for Mobile Content Sharing Applications. Information Security Technical Report. [Read]
    • Constantin, L. (2013, Jan. 17). Shylock Home Banking Malware Now Spreads via Skype, Researchers Say. Computerworld. [Read]
    • Crump, C. (2013, Jan. 16). Justice Department Refuses to Release GPS Tracking Memos [ACLU]. [Read]
    • Fox IT Security. (2013, Jan. 13). Demystifying Pobelka: A Technical Intelligence Report on the Pobelka Botnet Operation. [Read / Summary]
    • Goodin, D. (2013, Jan. 16). $5,000 Will Buy You Access to Another, New Critical Java Vulnerability. Ars Technica. [Read]
    • Granick, J. (2013, Jan. 14). Towards Learning from Losing Aaron Swartz [Stanford Law School]. [Read: Pt. 1, Pt. 2]
    • Heib, J. L., Schreiver, J., & Graham, J. H. (2013). A Security-Hardened Appliance for Implementing Authentication and Access Control in SCADA Infrastructures with Legacy Field Devices [preprint]. International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection. [Read]
    • Higgins, K. J. (2013, Jan. 13). The SCADA Patch Problem. Security Dark Reading. [Read]
    • Higgins, P., & Timm, T. (2013, Jan. 17). What the FBI Doesn’t Want You To Know About Its “Secret” Surveillance Techniques [Electronic Frontier Foundation]. [Read]
    • International Journal of Information Security – preprints [Abstracts / Request]:
    • Kaspersky Lab. (2013, Jan. 14). “Red October” Diplomatic Cyber Attacks Investigation. securelist. [Read]
    • Krebs, B. (2013, Jan. 13). Spam Volumes: Past & Present, Global & Local. Krebs on Security. [Read]
    • Marquis-Boire, M. et al. (2013, Jan. 15). Planet Blue Coat: Mapping Global Censorship and Surveillance Tools [University of Toronto]. [Read]
    • Pauli. D. (2013, Jan. 17). [DHS Intervenes After Medical Device Hack.] SC Magazine. [Read]
    • Proctor, P. E. (2013, Jan. 17). Reset a Security Program That Does Not Work.  [Gartner – full text / search for title in box at upper right]
    • Robertson, J. (2013, Jan. 11). A National Digital ID, Courtesy of the U.S. Postal Service? Bloomberg. [Read]

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