February 15, 2013

  • arXiv [preprints – full text]:
  • Chow, S. S. M., Au, H. M., & Susilo, W. (2013). Server-aided Signatures Verification Secure Against Collusion Attack. Information Security Technical Report. [Read]
  • Computer Law & Security Review – selected articles [full text]:
  • Computer Networks – preprints [full text]:
  • Computers & Security – articles [full text]:
  • Electronic Privacy Information Center. (2013, Feb. 12). EPIC Obtains New Documents About FBI Cellphone Tracking Technology [~300 pgs. RE: warrantless surveillance]. [Read]
  • European Network and Information Security Agency. (2013, Feb. 14). Critical Cloud Computing: A CIIP Perspective on Cloud Computing Services. [Read]
  • Future Generation Computer Systems – selected articles [full text]:
  • Gallagher, R. (2013, Feb. 10). Software that Tracks People on Social Media Created by Defence Firm [RE: Raytheon Riot]. Guardian. [Read]
  • Gjelten, T. (2013, Feb. 12). In Cyberwar, Software Flaws Are A Hot Commodity. National Public Radio. [Listen]
  • IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics & Security – selected articles [Abstracts / Request]:
  • Journal of Network and Computer Applications –  selected articles [full text]:
  • Kravets, D. (2013, Feb. 8). DHS Watchdog OKs ‘Suspicionless’ Seizure of Electronic Devices Along Border. Wired. [Read]
  • Krebs, B. (2013, Feb. 13). Exploit Sat on LA Times Website for 6 Weeks. Krebs on Security. [Read]
  • Lawrence, D., & Riley, M. (2013, Feb. 14). A Chinese Hacker’s Identity Unmasked. Bloomberg. [Read]
  • Li, Y. et al. (2013, Feb.). Horus: Fine-Grained Encryption-Based Security for Large-Scale Storage. Paper presented at 11th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies. [Read]
  • Marturana, F., & Tacconi, S. (2013). A Machine Learning-based Triage Methodology for Automated Categorization of Digital Media. Digital Investigation. [Read]
  • Müller, T.,  & Spreitzenbarth, M. (2013, Feb.). FROST: Forensic Recovery Of Scrambled Telephones [Friedrich-Alexander-Universiät Erlangen-Nürnberg]. [Read]
  • Nakashima, E. (2013, Feb. 10). U.S. Said to be Target of Massive Cyber-espionage Campaign. Washington Post. [Read]
  • RSA Conference 2013 – podcasts:
  • Trustworthy Internet Movement. (2013, Feb. 14). SSL Pulse: Survey of the SSL Implementation of the Most Popular Web Sites. [Read]
  • United States. Department of Energy. (2013, Feb. 11). DOE Issues Funding Opportunity for Innovations to Increase Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems [“~$20 million is expected to be available for awards”]. [Read]
  • United States. Executive Office of the President. (2013, Feb. 13). Presidential Policy Directive — Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience. [Read]
  • United States. Government Accountability Office. (2013, Feb. 14). National Strategy, Roles, and Responsibilities Need to Be Better Defined and More Effectively Implemented. [Read]

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